Judging Process Explained

Our finalists each receive a score from the panel of judges. Sometimes there are clear winners and other times it can result in a tie or a very close result.

The public can cast a vote for the finalists that they would like to see win and the total of these votes are added to the judges scores and this is how we arrive with our Winners.

We have placed the Winners 2015 below and shown where the judges top scoring finalist won and where the votes tipped the balance as scores were a tie or extremely close.

The Winners Results 2015

New Business – Jo Thomas – Top Judges Score

Sole Trader – Lisa Jackson – Top Judges Score

Young Entrepreneur – Katie Robinson – Top Judges Score

Financial Services – Jackie Hyde – Top Judges Score

Health and Fitness – Ruth Hoyle – Top Judges Score

Training and Coaching – Rachel Haslam – Top Judges Score

Small Business – Beverley Wood – Top Judges Score

Online Business – Roseanna Sunley – Top Judges Score

Beauty Business – Jenny Bird – Voting Assisted

Customer Services – Victoria Corcoaran – Top Judges Score

Hospitality Services – Claire Smith – Top Judges Score

Creative Industry – Alison Tordoff – Top Judges Score

Professional Services – Angela Kelly – Top Judges Score

Business Woman – Holly Moore – Top Judges Score

Inspirational Woman – Jen and Sue Blackwell – Votes Assisted

North West Networker of the Year - Kirsten Durose - Top Judges Score

The integrity of our awards is crucial for us and those ladies that take the time to enter and we publish these results so we can be clear and transparent about our results.