Our Top 10 Tips for EVA Entrants

Read Our Top 10 Tips for Enterprise Vision Awards Entrants

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EVA Team

Ladies, if you are entering the Enterprise Vision Awards the first step is to make an impact on the application form. We have compiled our top ten tips to help you;

  1. Upload a colour photograph, preferably a professional head shot where you are smiling. We are naturally drawn to pictures and it may be the first thing to catch the judge’s eye.
  2. You are given 1000 characters in each written section, utilize this. If you have taken time to consider your answers it will show.
  3. Review your entry. You are able to log in and make changes to your application form. So, after completion re-visit it at a later date in case you have forgotten something.
  4. Check your spelling. Spelling mistakes stick out like a sore thumb! We all have access to spell check so take a minute to check and amend your spelling.
  5. Use your personality in the grammar and wording you choose, so that the judges get a feel for you as an individual.
  6. Ask a colleague or friend to review your application and to critique it for you.
  7. Complete all the contact information correctly and don’t leave any blank, if successful we will need to get in touch with you.
  8. Using a video can bring your application to life. Whether this is a professional shoot or recorded on a smart phone it shows effort and gives your application a voice.
  9. Increase your chance of getting through by entering more than one category. You only need to complete one application form.
  10. Include a testimonial from a client, stating their name and the date it was received. Recommendations are always a top way to sell yourself.

Wishing you the best of luck!

The EVA Team