‘North West’s premier business awards for women’


EVAS – Step By Step

Entries for the 2022 Enterprise Vision Awards will close on Friday 27 May

The Entry Process

When the entries close on Friday 27 May, applications for each category will be assessed by the Executive Judging Panel. They will shortlist an average of ten applicants per category. The Executive Panel will also put forward applicants for categories if they feel they are more relevant for the individual.

The shortlist will be scored individually and independently by a panel of no less than three judges without any conferring. Once the shortlist scores have been collated an average of six finalists will be selected for each category. Finalists will be announced on Friday 1 July. These individuals will then attend an online twenty-minute interview which will be conducted by the panel of judges under the supervision of an adjudicator between Monday 4 July – Thursday 7 July.

Finalists must attend the interview or they will be withdrawn from the awards.

The judges are carefully selected from a variety of businesses covering various skills and expertise. The judges are impartial and independent, they will individually score each finalist, and these scores are then collated.

When the judge’s scores are either tied or within a margin of just 2% between finalists the votes received are added and will decide the winner. No single judge has the overall power to decide the winner.

Voting will be open for each category once all the finalists have been announced. Voting will be open from week commencing Monday 25 July. Voting closes Friday 12 August. This is an opportunity for finalists to promote themselves on social media and to maximise their position as a finalist in the Enterprise Vision Awards.

All finalists are required to attend the awards ceremony on Friday 23 September 2022 when the winner of each category will be announced.