Reach for the Stars

I launched ideas interiors 18 years ago and although I have gained ongoing acknowledge from my valued clients to win recognition of sole trader 2013 is fantastic. Since winning the award just weeks ago I have booked new clients who have sourced me via Google - my ranking has soared and I am now considering training an apprentice to follow in my footsteps ! I have loved the EVA's process and smile to myself when I glance at my award. They say 'reach for the stars!' - I caught one

Allyson Houghton, Ideas Interiors, Sole Trader Winner 2013


I was interviewed by Cosmopolitan Magazine
Not only was it fantastic to tell our clients that we won our EVA, the outpouring of congratulations from everyone around us was just amazing! As a direct result of winning our EVA I was interviewed by Cosmopolitan Magazine ~ I would never have dreamt that one up! Thanks EVAs
Kristen Durose, Red Star Wealth Management, Financial Services Winner 2013


I simply loved the Eva's

I simply loved the Eva's. I have been to many award evenings in the past and although exciting at first the awards tend to go on for so long you end up clapping people without feeling and hoping it will be all over soon. The Eva's simply was NOT like this at all! It was great a really good night out, well organised with great food, great company, (even though we did not know anyone else, we felt welcome) great entertainment and a fantastic atmosphere. I am already looking forward to next year even if I don't enter for an award.

Kathy Higgins, Insight 2 Drive, Highly Recommended, Training and Coaching 2013


Great media coverage for our business

The EVAs have been an amazing experience from start to finish. At the start of the process, just to be nominated was a huge boost to be recognised for my hard work. The application form was simple and straight-forward to complete, and when I found out I was a finalist, I was over the moon! Being a finalist offered great media coverage for our business, with our local paper featuring our company and new product Slouch Mat to help increase the public vote. Although I was a little nervous at first to meet the judges, it turned out to be a really enjoyable experience where I could simply talk through my business journey.

To win Young Entrepreneur was the icing on the cake. It was an amazing feeling to collect my award at a glitzy award ceremony. The atmosphere at the awards ceremony was one of excitement and fun and I met lots of new people that I have now connected with on LinkedIn and Twitter, helping to expand my network of contacts. I have really benefited from the media coverage following winning an EVA, with local press featuring our company and product, helping to boost our profile which has been great for business!

Nuala Lewis, Slouch Mat, Young Entrepreneur 2013


Increased Our Credibility

Winning the Eva’s has increased our credibility across our existing customers and they feel confident about working with an award winning organisation. I arrived to deliver training for a new client, The Arndale Centre in Manchester, last week and the first thing they mentioned was the Eva award win. I was able to contact our associates and thank them for their contribution to our success and this has enhanced my relationship with them. The PR is priceless and we are in no doubt that the win will contribute to an increase in sales. This week we have featured in our local newspaper with a great photo.

As founder and director I have worked long hours and put my heart and sole into building up the business over the past 11 years. To gain recognition from outside and beat many other worthy business owners is a very personally rewarding experience.

I would definitely recommend other businesses to enter the awards.

Julie Ryder, Hear First, Training and Coaching Winner 2013


Eva Fever

EVA Fever , for me has been the highlight of 2013 and I would really encourage all ladies in business who are out there , quietly getting on with forging their careers , passionately following their dreams and energetically juggling ‘life and stuff’ along the way to take a moment out, have a cuppa and either nominate someone for or apply for an EVA for 2014 .

Sometimes you just need to take a leap and ‘go for it’. And you know ,you’ll get tons of support and encouragement along the way , every step of the way. And shhh, don’t tell anyone but it’s masses of fun – from the launch of the awards to the final song at the gala dinner after the ticker tape has fallen, it ‘s a brilliant brilliant journey with loads of learning on route and you could be a part of that in 2014 – women supporting women and celebrating not just achievement but participation, ambition and community. I was so thrilled and delighted to win – and I would encourage everyone to participate and ‘let your light shine’.

Liz Tait, Divorce Jigsaw, Professional Services Winner 2013


The whole EVA experience was a pleasure

I have to say the whole EVA experience was a pleasure from start to finish. It was incredibly well organised and everyone was helpful and friendly. The filling in of the application was great, the questions were not intrusive but were worded well so that you could explain how you feel about your business and your aspirations. The interview experience was very well structured and the fact that everyone was asked the same questions made the whole process very fair.

The evening of the awards was fantastic, you could see there was an enormous amount of work went into the night which flowed seamlessly.

All in all it was a fantastic experience, one that I would recommend any other positive, motivated dedicated lady to enter, it is something I will remember for the rest of my life and I am forever thankful to the anonymous person who nominated me.

Elys Poppy, The Sauce Queen Business Woman Winner 2013


A massive achievement

Trying to put into words what the Eva's meant to me is really hard, being nominated for Business Women of the Year was a massive achievement in its self. I never thought for one minute I could actually win it.

The night of the awards was one of the best nights of my life, Coral and Rae organised an amazing night, the atmosphere was electric. I was more than happy to be there and just be in the final five but to win it, that was the most amazing feeling ever.

I feel like I have reached the pinnacle of my career and this has given me more confidence to push my business even further.

Sarah Southworth, Specialised Cleaning Services, Business Woman 2012


An experience that I would recommend

Initially entering the EVA’s really took me out of my comfort zone, however the whole experience from interview to winning is an experience that I would recommend to any business women who would like recognition and credibility for what she does.
As a business owner we don’t often have the “pat on the back” or someone telling us that we are doing a great job, but being recognised for your achievements is important and winning an EVA award makes me feel that the hard work I put into my business is really worthwhile.

The credibility it gave TI Payroll and Accounting as a company has been invaluable and both my EVA 2011 and EVA 2012 awards are pride of place on my window sill in the office.

Tracy Wilson, TI Payroll and Accounting, Financial Services Winner, 2011, 2012


With a little help from my friend

Winning Inspirational Woman of the Year award was a real honour, and a total shock! It was my colleague who suggested I entered the awards, it’s always difficult to try and sell yourself so with a little help from my friend I entered the awards and I was entered into inspirational woman of the year award.

Sometimes us woman don’t give ourselves enough recognition for the work we do! We are actually amazing!!  Running a business, bringing up our children, running the house well the list is endless!

If you’re thinking about entering the awards just go for it you have nothing to loose! My mum always said “If you don’t ask you won’t get”

Debra Reynolds, School of Sign Language, Inspirational Woman 2012




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