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The Happy culture embodies many different elements. It’s about always looking for ways to wow everyone we come into contact with. It’s about building relationships where we treat each other like family. It’s about teamwork and having fun. It’s about growth, both personal and professional.

It’s about openness, taking risks and being daring.

Most of all, it’s about having the faith that when we do the right thing, then we will build something amazing.

That all comes back to the team. A happy team makes happy customers, which makes customers stay with us. We love and embrace that our clients come from different sectors and they differ in size and stage – global or local, start-up or established, each is cherished and challenged.

The Happy culture is infectious; customers comment on our passion, our authenticity and our skill and desire to get it right. We take great pride in that. We don’t want to be the biggest agency in the world, we want to be the one that creates the most happiness, because when you do that, you get it back a thousand fold. That’s why we are making life-long friends along the way.

We want to make the world a better place through little things. We want to make people genuinely happy. It’s all part of our long term vision to deliver happiness to the world.